In Development

A Tear In The Sea

Feature doc & TV Hour - Australia/Iran

On 15 December 2010, devastating footage of a rickety refugee boat crashing into the cliffs of remote Christmas Island beamed into Australian homes and into a nation’s conscience. 

This documentary tells the untold stories of the survivors and reveals how the tragic event continues to affect life on the island to this day.

Mandakini: Granny with Attitude

56 mins - Australia & UK

The fascinating story of how a troubled, working class girl in 1950s Liverpool, England, went from being a street criminal to a loving, rapping, Hare Krishna-devoted Australian grandmother.

At the young age of 62, Mary returns to the streets – this time working as a counsellor trying to help street kids build a better life for themselves. She falls in love with Hip Hop and Rap music and decides to use music to spread her message of self-worth, respect and peace.

Since leaving England in 1970, she hasn’t dared to return. But now Mary feels the time has come to fully confront her past and reconcile with family and friends.

Black Magic

Feature Doc & 56 mins - Australia

The true story of how Leonard Waters, a poor aboriginal boy, overcame prejudice to become Australia’s first and only Aboriginal fighter pilot during World War II.

Through interviews with those who knew him (including his wife Gladys Waters), dramatisations of key events, archival footage and beautiful aerial photography, ‘Black Magic’ will entice a large global audience to discover a uniquely Australian story, filled with adventure, triumph and tragedy.

Nothing But Nothing

26 mins - Australia

A haunting and artistic documentary about an Iraqi artist and actor living in Brisbane, Australia.

Persecuted for his anti-war/anti-Saddam stance, Towfiq Al-Qady came to Australia as a boat refugee in 1999. During his extended stay in an immigration detention centre, he gets access to paint and paintbrushes and soon the walls of the desert camp is abloom with his colourful dreams of life and freedom.

After being granted a temporary protection visa, Towfiq writes and performs in a play in which he recounts the painful memories of his former life in Iraq and his subsequent displacement in Australia.




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